By day, I work as the Scholarly Communications Librarian for the Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing at the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh. It’s a mouthful, but basically what I do every day is this:

  • I develop policy and answer questions about research dissemination and sharing.
  • I help faculty at Pitt with copyright, author rights, and intellectual property inquiries.
  • I work with library staff and faculty to improve communications and outreach to the researcher population at Pitt.
  • I travel to departments and other units on campus to discuss how we can help them with their scholarly communication needs.
  • I update our office’s Twitter feed.
  • I help library staff and faculty with their social media interests and needs with educational programs and professional social media programming.
  • I work on outreach about our various programs, from our Institutional Repository to our Open Access Author Fee Fund to Altmetrics to Data Services and everything in between.
  • I champion¬†Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education whenever I get the chance.

Basically, I do whatever is needed to further the scholarly communication and publishing goals at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond. All of this I do because I want to help scholars and students have a better experience with publishing and otherwise disseminating their research, and because I passionately believe in Open Access and the right to knowledge.

If you are interested in reading everything I have (almost ever) done, including presentations and articles and workshops and committees and more, check out my CV.