Troll around in WoW with us for a great cause


Running of the Trolls Banner by Arcane Ratsel

Hello, faithful blog followers. I am here to promote a fantastic event that I am helping to organize: the first annual Running of the Trolls!

What is this? Well, it’s a charity event to benefit the Trevor Project. Unlike many other charity events, however, there is no cost of entry, and the entire thing takes place digitally in the online game World of Warcraft.

How do I participate? Easy, just join us in WoW at 9PM EST on June 27th. Create yourself a level 1 troll character with brightly colored hair of your choice, and join a whole horde (get it?!) of others for a race across the virtual countryside. For more information on participation, including what server to join and what to do if you’re not a current WoW player, check out this post.

Is it really a race? Not really. Mostly, if you get to the end without dying (or even after dying a few times, because in WoW death is not permanent), you’re considered a winner.

How do you raise money? This isn’t just an excuse to hang out in WoW with some awesome people. We also have a fundraising page for the event. Our goal is $1,000 USD for the Trevor Project! A lot of people pledge a certain amount of money for each person that shows up. (We recommend in the cents range to keep within your budget, as over 1300 people showed up at one previous event!)

What is the Trevor Project anyway? The Trevor Project is a nonprofit that focuses on suicide prevention for LGBT youth. They have an amazing helpline, including telephone, chat, and text message. They also have incredible resources on their site to help anyone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts or who is looking to support a friend or loved one in need.

If you need help with suicidal thoughts, please contact the Trevor Project. Their phone line for those in the US is 1-866-488-7386.
You can also get help online in the US or elsewhere

Where can I get more information? Follow our Tumblr for updates. You can also follow the Running of the Gnomes Facebook page! (This page is for our October event to raise money for the Tuohy Breast Cancer Vaccine.)

Who do I contact for help? You can post on the Facebook page or tweet @Dravvie or @parnopaeus with questions!