Open Education Week

Happy Open Education Week, everyone!

Open Education, for those who don’t know already, are “teaching, learning, and research resources released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. OER can be full courses, course materials, lesson plans, open textbooks, learning objects, videos, games, tests, software, or any other tool, material, or technique that supports access to knowledge”. (Reference: SPARC.)

Open Education Week is a week-long celebration and learning event about Open Educational Resources. Unfortunately, it’s Spring Break here at Pitt, so we don’t have any events planned. Next week, however, I am facilitating a brown bag discussion at the Greensburg Campus of the University of Pittsburgh on Open Educational Resources, and I’m really excited to learn about what they’re doing.

Listed below are some events that have made it on my to-watch list (even though some of them are at strange times for me) online for this week (all times in US-Eastern time). Note that I learned about most of these from the Open Education Week website, so go check it out for more listings!

Monday March 9th:

Athabasca University on “Sustainability Strategies for Open Educational Resources”, 3PM today (March 9).

Tuesday March 10th:

International Association of Universities on “OER and the Academic Librarian in Africa”, 8PM March 10th.

Open University UK, “Open Education at the Open University”, 6AM (ouch) March 10th. There is a second session that starts at 7AM my time on designing massive open social learning, and if I’m out of bed at that time I’ll tune in over morning coffee. (We’ll see!)

“Using Social Media for Group Projects and Homework”, 8AM March 10th. This one might be particularly useful for me in the online class I’m teaching. Having a few more tools in the toolbox is never a bad thing!

“A Preview of OER15: Mainstreaming Open Education”, 8:30AM March 10th. I love Open Education conferences and I’d love to hear more about this one!

Athabasca University, “The Battle for Open”, 2PM March 10th. This one is of particular interest to those concerned about commercial interests in the Open movement.

Wednesday March 11th:

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, “Open en online onderwijs bij Fontys: twee initiatieven”, 7 AM March 11th. I admit, I only want to try to attend this one because I want to see if I can understand any of the Dutch being spoken. However, 7AM may be a tad too early to expect that out of my brain…

Memorial University of Newfoundland is hosting a webinar on “How to find free copyrighted material on the Internet” at 9AM March 11th. This may be a review for some of us, but could serve as a great introduction to a very practical aspect of OER work.

“OER in the Arab World”, a Google hangout at 8AM March 11th.

Speakers from Tidewater Community College and Northern Virginia Community College will talk about their “Zero Textbook Cost Degree Program”. I’ve seen a number of presentations on this topic and it’s so impressive! Tune in on March 11th at 1PM.

Accessibility is so important in Open Education, and BCCampus will be hosting a webinar on “Can I actually use it? Testing open textbooks for accessibility” at 2PM March 11th.

Thursday March 12th:

Another Dutch webinar, this one on “OER Myths busted” from a copyright law advisor. This one is on March 12th at 7AM, continuing the trend of Dutch presentations that are too early in the morning for my brain to be on.

BCcampus talks on “Institutional Library Support” for OER at 2PM on March 12th. I’ll definitely try to tune in to this one!

Friday March 13th:

Finally, on Friday, BCcampus has their webinar on “The Open Web: (a) Lost (b) Reclaimed (c) Co-claimed (d) All of the above” on March 13th at 2PM.



What’s on your list to watch this week? Share any interesting events in the comments here or tweet me @parnopaeus!