Happy Christmas Kitties

Christmas kitty Q

Q was my cat, given to me by my mother in 2002. However, being at college and moving back and forth all the time and living in no-pet housing for a while, I was not in a great position to take care of her. She lives now at my father’s house; he took her in years and years ago, and she brought him many smiles with her antics. When he passed away, she was very sad and moped for a long time. Now she is a companion to my stepmom, who continues to live in the house, and she and Q have the run of the place. Q makes everything a bit more festive with her bright white fur and her stunning black striped spots; her affectionate meow and questioning glare add personality into any scene.

My beloved Isosceles, one of the cats who lives with us now, got just what she wanted for Christmas: a box full of tissue paper.

Iso in a box


I hope you have a happy celebration, whatever you’re celebrating, and I hope you have some companions to share it with you.