Friday Reading for 1/30/15

On Fridays I post some of my favorite links and readings for the week.

The title of this article by Ann Bauer sums it up:  “Sponsored” by my husband: Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their money comes from. The truth is, my husband’s hefty salary makes my life as a writer easy. Pretending otherwise doesn’t help anyone.

A new documentary on PBS asks: What does the world lose when a language dies? “…that connection with that place, with that way of thinking, with tens of thousands of years of that language’s lineage.”

Another excellent example of singular ‘they’ in use, and one where it refers to a specific person! 

The author of one of the major books that I used in my dissertation, Christine Hine (and her Virtual Ethnography), has a new book out called Ethnography for the Internet: Embedded, Embodied, and Everyday. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

I love histories told through objects, such as this Washington Post piece on crock pots and the rising numbers of working women in the United States.

And now, for something cute: this series of cat gifs accurately sums up my commute to work this week.