Friday Reading for 1/23/15

On Fridays I share some interesting and fun reading from the week.

Poster: 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication. I love how the authors break down the different services and technologies into the scholarly life cycle.

Social in Silico talks about different types of communities and how to envision them. I spent a considerable amount of effort delineating what I meant by “community” for my dissertation, and this blog post would have been a helpful place to start!

I’ve been doing a lot of work with OER lately at my institution, and David Wiley of Lumen Learning provided a timely reminder of why we do this: Open Education is better for everyone

Writing an academic blog? Get to know the different types of academic blogs, along with some tips for managing your blog, by reading this post at the LSE Impact Blog.

Speaking of academic blogs – which ones do you read? Paige Brown conducted a survey of science bloggers the blogs that they read. Her visualization is really cool.

For a bit of information/infographic fun with American sports, you might enjoy this set of 40 maps and charts that explain sports in the United States. Warning: some of these are depressing, including the one that shows that football coaches are by far the highest paid University employees in our country.

I had some fun with this quiz – and got all the American cities right plus one European city! Can you name the city just by looking at its subway map?