Friday Reading for 12/19/2014

On Fridays I share some of my favorite readings from around the Internets.

Audra Wolfe shares some important points about doing scholarship from outside of academia. Who does ‘scholarship’ belong to? What are the concerns about doing scholarship while also working a non-academic job?

I love the December spotlight from the Linguistics Society of America on Anna Marie Trester. She has always been a great resource for tips and ideas for working outside of academia. I love her Career Linguist blog. She is definitely a source of inspiration for alt-ac linguists!

Here’s an exciting event happening in Pittsburgh: Startup Weekend: Education. This is a weekend where people with various skills get together to build and launch ideas for startups around the theme of education. It’s a hard weekend of work, but it may turn into something great. I’m going to attend, how about you?

Speaking of learning – do you know about Gibbon? This is a free learning resource that has ‘playlists’ of videos collected from around the web to help you learn about lots of different topics. Most of these are web development oriented, but some of them have to do with photography, storytelling, writing, editing, and more. Check it out – I’m loving it.

More education stuff – David Wiley has posted the Open Education Reader. Of course it’s free to read and licensed under CC-BY. There are tons of great resources in here for those interested in OpenEd – check it out!

And now on to Open Data – there is a new book out from Ubiquity Press called Issues in Open Research Data, which features contributions from some fantastic folks. Important reading for anyone into open data!

My goodness, I would hate to be on the receiving end of some of these reviews, but I appreciate the humor in some of them: Environmental Microbiology‘s “Referees’ Quotes – 2010”.

Curious about the results of the Dutch woord van het jaar that I posted about last week? Well, the results are in.

How about a link with cats? You knew it would happen eventually. I have been reading the I am Maru blog for years; in fact, Maru might be my favorite Internet Cat. This post with the orange made me laugh so hard. My own cat has been known to ignore me for days if I date to eat an orange.

And speaking of cats – I was a candidate for the #AcademicsInHats contest, and although I’m not in this one, you should vote in this poll featuring #AcademicsWithCats.