Friday Reading for 1/16/2015

On Fridays I post my favorite links from the week.

This may be my new favorite library blog: The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers.

Sarah Deringer has compiled a calendar of free webinars for professional development. Most of these are geared towards librarians or those working in libraries, but some of them are general technical skills, goal setting, or workplace management skills. I’ll be checking these out regularly!

Do you know about the Golden Goose Awards? I love this: “The purpose of the “Golden Goose” award is to demonstrate the human and economic benefits of federally funded research by highlighting examples of seemingly obscure studies that have led to major breakthroughs and resulted in significant societal impact.”

And here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion: I’m on the lineup for Georgetown’s MLC Spring Speaker series. The MLC is an applied Master’s program in Language and Communication and they are at the forefront of linguistics in non- and alternate-academic jobs. Their speaker series “features professional linguists and language professionals in our monthly MLC Speaker Series. The focus of this series is to highlight diverse fields and professional applications of linguistics.” I’ll be there to talk about my linguistics training and the perspective it has given me in the Open Access movement and working in academic libraries and scholarly publishing.