As a Linguistic Consultant, I offer research and teaching assistance for scholars, companies, and non-profits. I specialize in ethnographic methods, including interviews, behavioral observation, and data analysis. I also have extensive experience in higher education research and teaching environments, and can consult on grant proposals, graduate school applications and portfolios, journal articles,  and teaching-related duties.

Some of the work I have done in the past includes

  • Transcribing and coding data sets.
  • User testing of apps and games.
  • Ethnographic interviews with users of apps and software.
  • Literature search and review for grant proposals.
  • Editing and formatting of journal articles and other written outputs.
  • Advising on graduate school applications, including Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Purpose, and writing sample.
  • Compiling materials for teaching, including lesson plans, assignments, and media supplements.
  • Teaching assistance with grading and administering projects.

I am open to opportunities that you may have for a Linguistic Consultant. Please get in touch by e-mail or using the form below — I would love to hear what you are working on and see how I can help!


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