Back to Blogging

Inspired by OpenCon2014 and all of the great thoughts and ideas exchanged at that wonderful event, I’ve decided to make a return to blogging.

Once upon a time, I blogged over at Tales of an E-Linguist. It was great fun and I think there were some fun posts there (and certainly a few that keep getting hits, so they must be useful or interesting to somebody). However, as my career focus changed, I gradually fell out of blogging and no longer feel that the items there represent my focus as well as they once did. If you’d like to check out my old posts, please feel free to head on over.

However, this blog represents a new start. I’m tentatively calling this the OpenL blog, because most of the things that I blog consistently about begin with the letter L. Linguistics, Libraries, Learning, and of course, my name starts with L — so it seems to fit.

I will get you some reflections on OpenCon up in the next few days, and of course also work on getting this blog looking nice and all of the social links in place.