5 Podcasts about the Social Sciences & Humanities

I’m just getting back into the swing of listening to podcasts, which is a great way to occupy my ears at work (it’s definitely better than listening to the air handlers). I’m looking for some great ones about the social sciences and the humanities. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found so far.


Office Hours from the Society Pages is a great interview-based podcast from the University of Minnesota. Many of the discussions focus around sociology, but they all offer great insights from fantastic scholars into the workings of the culture that we live in. (Side note: have you seen their blog “There’s Research on That!”? I love their insights into current events!)

Are you into languages and linguistics? You must listen to Lexicon Valley, a podcast from Slate.

Story Collider is like, well, a collision between the narratives of the humanities and the voices from science. I love hearing work of all sorts contextualized, and a lot of these episodes have a great anthropological or literary bent to them.

For a monthly taste of all kinds of social sciences, check out Social Science Bites. I particularly enjoyed the introductory podcast from Rom Harré on “What is Social Science?” — it hits on a lot of the questions I’ve been having about my field lately!

Listen to the voices of Social Scientists at from Viva Voce Research Podcasts from the Campaign for Social Science– quick bites about cool research being done by early career researchers.


Do you have any favorites to add to the list?